Thursday, October 30, 2008

Production is Falling (with the leaves)

The days have gotten short enough that the hens are laying far fewer eggs. The Araucana's stopped laying entirely about two weeks ago. The Pearl White Leghorns are laying at about half-speed. I plan to get production back up again by putting a light on a timer in the coop to extend the day for them. I just need to get electrical issues in the barn worked out (which actually is dependent on some plumbing work in the is a long story).

The @#$&%&#*! dogs were outside for a long time today (to keep them from bothering/eating the painter that is working in our dining room). They got bored and decided that instead of digging holes they would hunt chickens. They caught and killed one of the Pearl White Leghorn hens. Actually, she was not dead when I got them away from her, but she had died by the time I got the dogs in their crates in the house and got back out to put her out of her misery. I am so sick of the dogs.

I think we are now down to 11 hens and one rooster (Bill). This is down from a total of 75 last Fall. That is some serious attrition.