Thursday, September 30, 2010

Keeping Chickens

It has been a busy summer, and we have lots of stuff going on with the chickens. One of the fun happenings is a new book: Keeping Chickens by Ashley English.

This is a nice, accessible book. The content is great for beginners or anyone that wants to get a personal perspective on keeping chickens. I think this book is a great introduction what it is like to have chickens and provides lots of guidance for the beginner to get going.

The book is beautifully laid out and is full of beautiful photos. In fact, the photos are how I became aware of this book.

I was contacted by Lark (the publisher) a year ago about using some of my chicken photos that they had found on Flickr. In particular, they were interested in my photos of "Bill" our Pearl White Leghorn rooster. The ended up choosing to use one of the photos (check it out on page 29). This is my first photo I have had published. Buy the book (through the link)! [Full disclosure: I am an Amazon Affiliate, and so will receive a few pennies for the referal on anything you purchase from Amazon when you are brought there by one of my links.]

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